Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Action Services UK 

1- Home Care Plan range: Our Home Care Plan is designed to provide a safe and quality service to repair and maintain your central heating system and other extra parts you include in your agreement. Our goal is to give our customer’s peace of mind.

2- First Inspection – Service: Your central heating system and all other extra parts which are included in the agreement will be inspected to make sure they are safe and in good working order. If the boiler or a part is not suitable for Home Care plan, we can offer repair, servicing or replacement before starting the contract on our normal hourly rate + material cost basis.

3- What your agreement includes: The agreement cover is shown in the contract signed with Action Services UK and you.

4- Servicing: Annual central heating system check and free boiler service will be carried out by our Gas Safe registered engineers and will cover boiler parts if needed. Servicing will be annually by appointment.

5- Additional Services: Every gas appliance will normally need to be serviced once a year. We will advise if needed more or less frequently and service additional appliances while the annual boiler servicing is undertaken for a discounted price at the discretion of Action Home Care plan.

6- Boiler Breakdown: Boiler breakdown will be treated on a priority basis and we will use the parts from stock if available. If parts are not available in stock, they will be ordered and fitted as soon as possible. If parts are unavailable/obsolete, we will suggest an alternative solution and in case of the need for replacement we will charge at our discount plan price.

7- Landlord gas Safety Records: Landlord Gas Safety Records will be issued on our discounted rate when the boiler service is due. It is the law that landlords must get the gas appliances checked and “Landlord Gas Safety Records”  issued every 12 month period and keep a copy as proof of servicing. Every gas appliance will normally need to be serviced once a year.

8- What is not included: Repairing the under floor heating system. Repairing the flues that are not part of boiler. Sludge removing from the central heating system. Removing asbestos. Repairing taps. Repairing the unvented hot water cylinders. Ball valves not associated to central heating system. Above list is not exhaustive.

9- Force Majuro: If the contract cannot be performed due to causes that are outside the control of the parties, such as natural disasters or adverse weather conditions that could not be evaded through the exercise of due care, then the Terms referred to shall not apply.

10- Important Losses: We will not cover loss and damage to property caused by the boiler, system breakdown, appliances or a leak unless we are responsible for that. If we dig at your property, we will fill in to the normal level but we are not responsible on for replacing the original finished surface.  Decoration and any other work will be your responsibility. Structural repairs, subsidence, damages due to frost, fire, accidents explosion, lightening, flood or storm are not covered. This is not an exhaustive list.

11- Exclusions: We will not cover:  a- Cost of repairs relating to damage caused by you or someone else no matter what the source. b- Replacing the parts which can not affect the working of the appliance. C- Replacing the cosmetic parts. d- Damage to decoration during the repairs (except our  negligence is proven). e- Repair to heat exchanger due to build up sludge in the system. f- Replacing any still or lead pipe. g- Replacing any main cold water valve. h- A repair if the design is wrong. i- Cost of repairs for faults we advised you to be repaired before the agreement and you didn’t agree to repair them. j- Cost of repairs of faults that were there before our agreement and could not be identified on the first visit. k- Upgrading the system to current standards. l- Replacing a copper pipe buried in concrete. m- Cash alternatives for repairs and maintenance. n- Repairing shower mixer valves. o- Repairing pipe hidden in the wall or floor. p- Boilers more than 10 years old or generally in unreliable condition.

12- Start date: Contract will start after processing the signed application. You will be notified of the date.

13- Gaining access: Action Services UK will inform you when your service is due and it is your responsibility to arrange an appointment and give us access to your property. In case of no access to your property, we will not be able to carry out the servicing work but the agreement will continue.

14- Payments: Payment will be to Action Services UK by twelve monthly instalments by direct debit or in case of Core Services annually in advance

15- Period of agreement: With a one off payment agreement it runs for one year and will be renewed by agreement. In case of payments by standing order or direct credit, agreement will run until you decide to cancel the contract and there will be no premium refund to you. You can cancel by writing or emailing us. If you cancel within the first six months of the contract, you may be charged for any repair that has been carried out.

16- Agreement cancellation: Action Services UK reserves the right to cancel the agreement: a- If you have provided false information. b- If parts we need to repair are no longer available. c- If unfair usage by you is deemed by Action Services UK. d- If the agreement is cancelled in the first year, we may take to account any work carried out and we may invoice you for any balance due. e- If a conflict of interest arises between you and us. f- If you do not make payments. g- If we find a fault at the inspection time and you have not carried out related repair work following our informing you. h- If we cancelled your agreement at first inspection, you will receive a full refund of any money you paid minus any reasonable cost deemed reasonable by Action Services UK. i- We reserve the right to increase the policy amount to cover unforeseen costs and/or include exclusions which we are unable or unwilling to cover under the agreement. J- We will write to you within two weeks to inform you about these changes at which point you can continue with the agreement or alternatively cancel the agreement however you will still potentially be liable for any outstanding costs. k- You may cancel the agreement within the first seven days (called cancellation period) with a full refund providing the inspection service has not been carried out. l- If inspection service has been completed you will be charged for the full amount of agreement. m- If you cancel the agreement after cancellation period, there is no refund you are deemed to have paid for a complete year of cover in advance.

17- Our responsibility: We will meet our responsibilities under the agreement within a reasonable time unless it is impossible because of circumstances beyond our control.

18- Change of agreement: Action Services UK reserves the complete right to change any of the Home Care Plan of Terms and Conditions at any time including discontinuing the Home Care Plan. We will inform you of any changes within fourteen days of the change and you have the right to cancel the agreement in writing. However you may be invoiced for any works that have been completed within the first six months of the agreement and you will be entitled to a full refund for the annual period minus any administrative costs incurred by Action Service UK that are deemed appropriate by Action Services UK only. There is no refund for Home Care core service as it is deemed you have paid for the core service in advance.

19- Guarantees: Any guarantees do not affect your legal rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the supply of Goods Act 1982, as any other statutory rights.

20- Excess: Action Services UK will charge an excess for each service other than for boiler servicing which is free of charge. Amount of excess will be shown in the contract.

21- Appointment times: Monday to Friday between 8a.m until 5p.m. Our contract will show the extra charges for evenings and weekends.


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