I don’t mean to alarm you but I read the other day that if we keep our habits regarding water consumption, the planet is going to be left out of this precious liquid by 2050! I don’t know if this information is 100% accurate, but as you know, we will not be able to survive without water. A famous Sociologist of the apocalypse once said that wars in the future will not be fought for territory or for political ideologies, the will be fought for water, just like today they’re being fought for petrol. So, on this note, here are 5 ways to save water in your home, thus preventing global decay.

  1. Turn it off: Sometimes, when we are doing the dishes, we tend to leave the water on when we are scrubbing our cutlery and our dishes down, thus wasting water that we don’t actually need. So, why don’t you turn it off when you are not actually using it? You will save tons of water and your water read will not be as high the next time.
  2. Long showers: Hey, I love taking long showers. Feeling the water falling on your back is such a pleasant sensation but bear in mind that the average showerhead spills 2.5 gallons per minute, so if you take a 30 minute shower then that will come to 75 gallons! So, maybe it’s a good idea not to take too long, at least not that often.
  3. Take care of your leaks: How many times have you walked into a Pub’s bathroom, and the faucet is producing that constant drop due to a leakage? I know I have seen this a couple of times. You may think that a drop is not a big issue but think of it in terms of time, that drop can turn into a whole ocean if it’s not fixed. So, if you own a business or if you hear a leak in your home, try Action Services and they will see to it before the apocalypse reaches us.
  4. Water and your toothbrush: Brushing your teeth can also represent a waste of water when we leave it running. If you switch it off while you are actually brushing your teeth you will be saving a considerable amount of water.
  5. A bucket in your shower: Another way to save water is by having a bucket in the shower with you. You can use the water that the bucket accumulates and use it for other purposes, such as washing your dishes, or use it to flush your toilet and other purposes alike. This way, water will not be wasted but it can serve a completely different task.

These are 5 effective ways of saving some water in your home and you could also put them into action in your business. Remember to ask your Kensington Plumber about other services.